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Panties for your female dog in heat

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Ample Velcro in waistband can be adjusted to fit a 9-12 month puppy, up to a full size boxer female or breeds similar in size and build. Three layers of fabric, cushioned inner lining for added comfort and durability, and tail opening adequate to conform to different shape and size of dog. These britches are easy to put on, but almost impossible for your dog to take off. 

These durable, yet adorable panties are the only one of its design available, designed by a breeder.. Satisfaction guaranteed. Using self sticking panty liners to protect the fabric is recommended. Panties are machine washable in warm soapy water.

Price: $35 plus $5 postage each.
Contact us to place your order. When ordering, please include the design name written on the panties. Most of the popular  sixties design fabrics have glitter throughout the pattern not clearly seen in the pictures shown.
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